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Terracotta Cactus Silk Pillow - Handcrafted Moroccan Artisan Elegance | Wild Throw Co.

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Introducing our exquisite Cactus Silk Pillow by Wild Throw Co. in the warm and inviting Terracotta hue. These handcrafted artisanal cushions, painstakingly made in Morocco, bring a touch of rustic elegance to your living spaces.

šŸŒµ Rustic Charm: These cactus silk pillows effortlessly infuse a rustic, earthy charm into your home decor. Whether on your sofa, bed, or outdoor lounge, they create an inviting atmosphere.

šŸŒ¼ Natural Beauty: Crafted from natural fibers harvested from the Sahara Agave cactus, these pillows celebrate the splendor of the desert. The Terracotta color adds a cozy warmth to your surroundings.

šŸ“ Unique Dimensions: Each pillow measures approximately 45 x 50 cm (20" x 20"). The handmade nature ensures that no two are exactly alike, making each one a distinctive work of art.

šŸ”‘ Elegant Details: Adorned with a tasteful brass zip closure, these pillows exude understated elegance, enhancing your decor with a touch of sophistication.

šŸ§½ Care Instructions: To maintain their enduring allure, these Cactus Silk pillows require dry cleaning.

šŸŖ‘ Versatile Styling: Perfect for enhancing the ambiance of your home, adding comfort to your bed, or elevating your outdoor gatherings, these pillows are versatile companions for every occasion.

šŸŖ” Handcrafted Excellence: Ethically handmade by skilled artisans in Morocco, these pillows represent a tradition of craftsmanship passed down through generations. Embrace the slight variations in size, stitching patterns, and colors as they underscore the individuality of each cushion.

šŸŖ™ Insert Not Included: Please note that the insert is not included. We recommend using a 50cm x 50cm (20" x 20") insert for these pillows.

Embrace the earthy allure of Morocco with our Cactus Silk Pillow in Terracotta. It's more than just a pillow; it's a testament to craftsmanship, sustainability, and timeless appeal. šŸŒµšŸ”šŸ”„

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Terracotta Cactus Silk Pillow - Handcrafted Moroccan Artisan Elegance | Wild Throw Co.

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